Onsite Cutting -

Up-cut Saw... Provides straight cut up to a maximum of

Band Saw... Provides straight cut of solid bar up to a maximum of

Mitre Saw... Provides mitre cut of extrusion up to a maximum of 100mm x 50mm

Guillotine... Provides cut to size sheet up to 6mm thick and maximum length of 2400mm. We also outsource services for larger sheets.

Semi-Fabrication -

Punching... For extrusion applications...Punched Hollow Sections with Round, Square Holes. Refer to our Sales Office with your requirements.

CNC Routering... Can be used in both Sheet and Extrusion applications.  

Folding / Bending... Several options are available to suit most requirements. Refer to our Sales Office for more details.

Perforating / Turret Punch... Up to mm thickness and 1200mm Width. Numerous options are available. Custom patterns available. Refer Sales Office for more details. 

Rolling... Refer to our Sales Office for more details.

Finishing -

Powder Coating... Standard and Custom Colours available. Warranty approved applicator and can provide up to a 25 year Commercial Warranty (Minimum quantities may apply). We only use Dulux and Interpon powder and can offer fast turn around in most cases for both small and large volumes. 

Anodising... We can provide a range of anodise finishes, Our Anodising facilities can provide natural, matt, clear, coloured, bright and premium grade anodising. 

Polishing... Available for Extrusion only. Aluminium responds well to polishing treatments and, done well, can look great for an extended period. Clear coatings (for example - lacquer) can be added to provide a level of protection from tarnish or deterioration. We can provide many types of polishing finishes.